2018 US House Election Prediction Contest

Want to predict the 2018 midterm elections and win some Bitcoin?? Here are the details:

To enter:

  1. Go to https://www.270towin.com/2018-house-election/.
  2. Click the different districts to change them to what you expect. (Note, you should have no “toss ups” at the end since this is a prediction of the outcome. It also doesn’t matter whether you select “likely” “lean” or “safe”, just red or  blue.)
  3. Once you have made your selection, click “Share Map” and then click twitter (or copy the link for Gab) and tweet it with the hashtag #reasonable270. (only twittered or gab’d entries can be counted as to keep all entries public =) )

All entries must be in by 11:59 (Pacific time), Nov. 5. 2018. I will post mine publicly then.  Whoever is the closest that beats me gets 10,000,000 Satoshis in Bitcoin (BCH) (0.1 Bitcoin Cash).

This contest is void where prohibited and there is no purchase necessary to enter.