Recently YouTube deleted our channel – This came after over three years of good behavior on YT and hundreds of videos in which I always advocated for peace and disavowed violence.

However – NOTHING will stop the free flow of information, and nor will it stop this operation. I will still be broadcasting as follows:

The Friggin Friday Night Show! Friday 9pm EST – w/BradCGZ aka Cologero Getz every Friday on DLIVE!

The Saturday Morning Live Stream Saturday at 12:30pm EST – an interactive rundown and discussion of what’s happening the world. Complete with Garbage Time & Bird Talk.

The Weeknight News – Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays at 9pm EST – a more regimented rundown of today’s news, with discussion thereafter.

???Replays are available on Bitchute and Rumble!???

Replays are also available for 2 days after the show on DLIVE – just click on “replays” below the “treasure chest” image just above the description/website link as shown below: