Flags Out

Some great patriots are losing hope. I certainly see why.

It’s now so obvious—both the sociopathic corruption of the powerful and the willingness of the world’s citizens to stand by and watch while they destroy the once great society we were building for ourselves and our children.

Is this onslaught of worldwide insanity exactly what we need for people to see what’s at stake?

Will we have a collective reality check and stop consenting to the usurpation of what’s ours?

If there’s a chance we will do it, then there is still hope.

Keep pushing. Keep your flags out. Put up a flag if you don’t have one, or get one for a friend.

Know that your mission is backstopped by the righteousness of freedom, self-evident by its history.

Remember that they want you afraid—and to think that you’ve lost. And that without faith, we cannot win.

Have faith. Fly a flag. Do not consent to their mind control. Tell your friends.