Is Misinformation About The [You Know What] Actually Killing People? (07.20.21)

To nobody’s surprise, Jens Psaki says it is. And nothing is off the table to stop it. (Notably absent: any mention of the first amendment, or VAERS data.) Here is that story and a few more from today that I believe to be impactful in the spiritual (peaceul but very real) war:

Psaki Psays nothing off the table re. V—— misinformation (video part way down the page):

A case study in how manipulators always double down on lies. Fauci obfuscates and dances around the fact that the CV looks like it was engineered, and he funded that kind of research. Note also Rand Paul’s ZFG reaction at the end:

They are now turning “Patriot” into a bad word. Who could have possibly seen this coming? (Per Merriam-Webster, a patriot is “one who loves and supports his or her country.”):